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5 reasons to add Sea Buckthorn to your skincare regime

Strengthening and replenishing your skin's natural barrier function is one of the best ways to ensure your complexion is plump, supple and radiant.

One of the best ingredients in skincare which supports your skin's barrier is Sea Buckthorn Oil. Vitamin-rich and nutrient-dense, this skin-loving oil works to boost the health and vitality of your complexion.

1. Rich in Vitamins A, C and E, Sea Buckthorn Oil is extracted from the Sea Buckthorn Berry which grows in slightly colder climates across Northern Europe, Russia, Canada and China.

2. When pressed, the berries release an oil, packed full of natural nutrients, which can be applied topically to the skin to flood the complexion with nourishing nutrients and vitamins.

3.Wonderful for those with dry or mature skin, Sea Buckthorn Oil is rich in Vitamin E which deeply hydrates and plumps, helping the skin to maintain optimum moisture.

4. Its host of phytonutrients, most notably carotenoids also makes Sea Buckthorn Oil a protective and anti-ageing ingredient.

5. Protecting the skin against environmental aggressors, pollution and free radicals, skincare which includes this wonderful oil work to slow down skin sagging and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles to prevent premature skin ageing.

To gain these benefits, put a few drops of an oil containing sea buckthorn into a moisturiser a few hours before bed time, such as our rosehip oil with sea buckthorn, lavender and rosemary
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