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Mind care: The power of the micro-ritual

In the words of Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley, "it's one of my favourite parts of my day—taking that minute to yourself."
And it is not just Rosie who;is a famous advocate for this. We were super interested to read in Goop about various high-performing entrepreneurs in the wellness space who are able to articulate the power of the micro-ritualby breaking down the components of the concept.

“The quest for beauty is a spiritual journey,” says;Mashell, the founder of New York facial studio Tabe, which combines medical facials with psychic intuition. “When intention is placed behind the desire of daily rituals, it nourishes the soul.” Whether it’s dry brushing and a bath, or lighting a candle while you do a face mask, paying attention to yourself in this way is worth the few moments it takes, says Tammy Fender, a Palm Beach spa & beauty entrepreneur: “Just like everyone else, I spend too much time responding to email,” she adds. “But we can all make a habit of slowing down and tuning in for a few moments a day, allowing ourselves to see beauty and to feel it. Rituals are commitments, a hands-on approach that passes through the skin. You simply can’t mistake—or recreate—the natural beauty that shines through.”
“We are much more than our physical bodies, and more than the constant thoughts that clutter our minds. To reconnect to our true selves, to go within, to see what is going on, provides a moment of truth and openness. And we begin to realign.” *
Cleopatra took baths of milk and honey, Helen Gurley Brown got ready for a party by submerging her face in ice water, Mary Queen of Scots soaked in red wine, Aphrodite in seaweed, Marie Antoinette in herbs...what will your ritual be?
A more realistic micro-ritual which is much easier to add into your skin regime is to take a product that you really like the smell of, place a few drops onto your hands, rub together to warm slightly then gently cover the nose and mouth area whilst shutting the eyes, and breathe deeply in for 7 seconds and out for 9, and repeat 6 times. 
At night time, combined with a product such as a lavender scented oil, this ritual is sure to prepare the body and mind for a restful night's sleep.
*Goop, 2021
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