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Ingredient Innovation 101 : Emulsifiers - the new Frontier

Could we soon be saying goodbye to synthetic emulsifiers in Beauty?

Q: What is an emulsifier?

A: As water and oil do not mix, emulsifiers in cosmetics assist in forming consistent mixtures of both.
Look out in your skincare for the synthetic version, labelled PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) or PPG (Polypropylene Glycol).

Important : even in clean, natural skincare, "It is very unrealistic to believe that an olive oil based natural emulsifier such as “cetearyl olivate” comes directly from the olive fruit or olive oil without being processed or having undergone some chemical reactions", according to Formula Botanica*.

This means that the recent innovation from Berg + Schmidt, a fully natural emulsifier, could change the formulation landscape for many companies, as well as for consumers tired of seeing some legacy synthetic substances in products which claim to be 100% natural.

The ingredient, comprising beta glucan and pectin, is a moisturizing emulsifier and thickening agent that enables highly efficient formulations for creams, masks and lotions. Thanks to its Cosmos as well as Natrue approval and a sustainable life cycle, the ingredient is ideally suited to multi-faceted and vegan natural cosmetic products, and allows for a clean label declaration.

BergaMuls ET 1 is produced from renewable fruit and cereal fibers, and therefore completely natural. The ivory-colored fine powder is easy to process as a stable standalone or co-emulsifier. It has advanced resistance to pressure, good water-binding properties and is compatible with all oil polarities in a broad pH range from 4-9.
Here at Children of Earth we are looking forward to working with this ingredient! Stay tuned for more updates.
Bergamuls ET1 : Developed by Berg + Schmidt, a cosmetic ingredients innovator based in Germany.
Extract courtesy of, May 2021
*Formula Botanica, "17 Points To Consider Before Choosing An Emulsifier". May 2021
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