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Gua Sha vs Jade Roller - Which is Best?

Which is better for your face?

They have the same benefits, but at different levels - therefore it is up to the individual to decide.

Many prefer the gua sha because of its stronger effects on the face. Let's not forget, by age 25, collagen production diminishes and continues to decrease as we get older, so using a gua sha (technique below) could be more suitable for those who require more input from their facial tools.

Let's not forget, facial rollers are important for :

Reducing puffiness
Stimulating blood flow to the face
Helping with product absorption (perfect for that multi-step skincare routine).

Aesthetician, Anagrecia (IG: @anagohardo), prefers the gua sha because it aids better in circulation compared to the roller, which is extremely important for your skin. Aside from its effects on the skin, she notes that, “practicing gua sha will also help you feel more grounded and relaxed.”

Her gua sha tips include:

upward strokes on the face
start from midline of face towards the outer areas
symmetry is very important (so number of strokes and pressure should be the same on both sides of the face)
the outer part of your neck (right under your ear) you should go downward towards your clavicle to drain the lymphatic system
the middle part of your neck (around the trachea), do a soft brushing upward-downward glide (like painting). Skin sags in this area, so it’s best to stimulate it and promote collagen production.
Verdict : the facial roller complements the gua sha, since the facial roller can be used as more of a cooling tool for the face because the skin is warm after using the gua sha.

Jade vs. Quartz
Characteristics of quartz allows it to stay cooler longer, which is especially important against warm skin. Jade adapts to its environment quicker and does not stay cool. Jade is also a softer mineral than quartz, so the longevity of its use is diminished from wear and tear.

Have you tried any of these facial tools? What is your favorite and how do you use them?
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